Shortland Chambers believes in assisting young lawyers in their careers and to that end, it takes on junior barristers and sponsors their rental in chambers for a term. The chambers provide work to these juniors in the form of research and court appearances.

Julia Adams

Julia Adams graduated from the University of Auckland with an LLB (Hons) in 2014. She was a Senior Scholar and recipient of a Dean’s Academic Excellence Award. 
Before joining Shortland Chambers, Julia worked at the Auckland High Court as a judges’ clerk, during which time she was admitted to the bar. In a former life Julia completed a BA in politics, philosophy and history, and worked as a subeditor and journalist. Her areas of interest include company and securities law, criminal law and administrative law.

Lance Green

Lance Green graduated with an LLB(Hons)/BA (History) from the University of Otago. 

Lance spent two years as a Judges’ Clerk at the Auckland High Court before joining Shortland Chambers.  He was admitted to the bar in February 2016.  Lance has a keen interest in contract and tort law, as well as the law of intellectual property.

Jordan Grimmer

Jordan Grimmer graduated from the University of Otago with a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and a Bachelor of Arts. 

Before joining Shortland Chambers as a junior barrister, he worked for two years as a judges’ clerk at Auckland High Court.  During that period, Jordan also provided assistance to the High Court of the Cook Islands.  Jordan has a wide-ranging interest in civil and criminal litigation, and is particularly interested in trusts and administrative law.  He currently tutors equity at the University of Auckland Law School. 

Caitlin Hollings

Caitlin graduated from Auckland University as Senior Scholar in Law (Honours) and with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy. 

Prior to joining Chambers as a Junior in 2017, Caitlin was a Judges’ Clerk at the Auckland High Court for two years. She ranked third in her cohort at law school and mooted internationally on behalf of the University at the Jessup Moot and the William C Vis Moot in International Commercial Arbitration.  

Stephen Laing

Stephen Laing graduated with LLB(Hons)/BA (English Literature) from the University of Otago in May 2014.

Prior to commencing work as a Junior Barrister to Shortland Chambers, Stephen worked as a Judges' Clerk at the Auckland High Court for two years. He is interested in all aspects of civil and commercial litigation, with a particular interest in equity and trusts.

Andrew Peat

Andrew is a graduate of the University of Auckland having completed an LLB (Hons) / BCom in 2011.

Andrew was admitted as a solicitor in 2012 and practised at a leading commercial law firm before heading overseas to further his legal training.

While overseas Andrew completed an LLM at Trinity College, Dublin, where he graduated with First Class Honours, coming first in his class.  Andrew then gained valuable experience working in London before returning to New Zealand to commence work at Shortland Chambers.

Andrew’s interest in the law spans a broad spectrum including commercial, public and criminal law.

Gretta Schumacher

Gretta is a graduate of the University of Auckland, having completed a BA/LLB (Hons). She graduated second in her cohort, receiving a Senior Scholar award in both Law and Arts and received the F A de la Mare Memorial Prize for best academic record in the Part III law programme.

Gretta represented New Zealand at the Philip C Jessup International Law Moot Competition as well as the Red Cross Asia-Pacific International Humanitarian Law Moot Competition. Gretta was admitted in June 2015.

Prior to joining Chambers as a junior barrister, Gretta was a Judges' Clerk at the Court of Appeal of New Zealand. Gretta has a particular interest in public and private international law, as well as company and securities law, commercial equity, and administrative law.

Jason Zwi

Jason graduated with an LLB(Hons)/BA (History) from the University of Otago, where he was also a tutor at the Law Faculty.

Before joining Chambers as a Junior Barrister, Jason worked at top-tier firm in the banking and finance area, focusing in particular on securities regulation. He then spent a year as a lawyer at the Serious Fraud Office. Jason is interested in all areas of litigation and dispute resolution, with a special interest in criminal and regulatory law, equity, insolvency and contract.